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The consumer has a period of seven days (article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code) to retract without having to justify reasons or paying penalties, with the exception, if necessary, of the costs of return. This right applies from the day after receipt of the goods for the sale of goods and from the day after the acceptance of the offer in the case of services. When the deadline expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a holiday, it is extended until the next working day.


For example: if the property is received on 10 January, the withdrawal period goes from 11 to 17 January included. Starting from the 18th, then retraction is no longer possible. If the 17th is a Saturday, the deadline is extended to Monday 19th.


This provision does not apply to

  • products that are immediately reproducible if unsealed or clearly personalized
  • goods made or clearly customized according to the specifications of the customer,
  • products that, due to their nature, can not be redirected or are liable to deteriorate or to expire quickly ;
  • to services that began before the 7-day period.

The provisions of Article L. 121-18 paragraph 4 of the Consumer Code specify the existence of a right of withdrawal and its possible limitations in the event that this right does not apply,

Refund under the "Satisfaction or Refund" guarantee framework will be carried out under the following conditions :

  • Obtaining a return number for the management of returns of orders, which must be attached to the parcel returned in order to ensure the traceability of the parcels, to avoid fraud and to facilitate the treatment of the returns. This return number will be provided by simply calling (without surcharge) to 04 79 07 49 07 or by mail using the contact form of the site.
  • The return in the original packaging; this condition ensures a return of the product under the best conditions. The product subject to the right of withdrawal must be returned in its original packaging to allow it to be sold again, with all of his accessories and original documents. The conservation of the original packaging of a product, especially fragile, is recommended to make its return easier.
  • Deadline for reimbursement; it shall not exceed 30 days after the actual return of the product to its company.

◦   In the event of a proposal for a substitute product, the characteristics and price of which will be at least equivalent to those of the ordered product, the customer will be informed of the possibility of the refund of his original item, including possible return costs.

  • When a customer returns an item he has paid and asks for refund, the following terms will apply :

◦   Package returned unopened: refund of the parcel and any return costs.

◦   Product returned by the customer by his will: refund of the product, but he will pay the costs of return.

◦   Product returned due to the responsibility of the company: refund of the product, its sending and possible returns costs.

  • Refund is carried out by any means of payment. However, the customer who has exercised his right of withdrawal, if he asks for, may opt for another method of refund.
  • The "Satisfied or Refund" guarantee does not apply to services already provided by alpissime partners. If a service is not provided under normal conditions, the partners of alpissime are committed to provide this service again or to refund the customer if the service can no longer be provided.
  • The "Satisfaction or refund" guarantee does not apply to transactions related to the rental of an apartment or more generally any holiday home. Alpissime can not take the place of the owners since the transaction concerning the hiring is realized by mutual agreement.