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As far as the shop is concerned, we distinguish two categories: products in the "good plans" tab and "services"


1. Definition.

Delivery is le the transfer of goods or a service from the seller's domicile to the buyer's one.

There are two categories on alpissime: products (deliverable everywhere including to your holiday home) in the tab "good

plans" and services (deliverable only if our partners offer them on the place of your next holidays)


In the category "good plans" the delivery can either :

       > Be sent by carrierto the billing address or to another address.

       > Be available at the stores of our partners.

       > Be delivered and installed at the client's holiday home according to the criteria established by our sales partners.


As far as the category "good plans" is concerned, the partners of alpissime can carry the goods or they can call upon a carrier.


In the services category the delivery can be either :

       > Related to a free delivery: it is the case of the services of cleaning or delivery of linen for the customers members of the club alpissime

      > Be available in stores

      > Surcharged by the partner for, for example, a baby sitter service at the customer's house or a delivery of ski equipment.

2. Delivery documents.

Several documents are likely to be involved at this stage of the operation :

       > Notice of dispatch : it recalls the date and the nature of the order and it is addressed to the buyer, prior to shipment, to give him the details (date, place and delivery method).

       > The voucher (or note or docket) of delivery : this document, drawn up by the seller in preparation for delivery, accompanies the goods and it is delivered to the buyer, by the deliveryman, upon delivery of the goods. It contains the essential information about the dispatch: date of delivery, name of the customer, delivery address and details of the goods delivered (nature, reference, quantity). It is generally prepared in two copies, one kept by the client, the other used as receipt.

      > The receiving note : this document, which is usually a duplicate of the delivery note, is signed by the buyer upon receipt of the goods, after verifying that it complies with its description on the delivery note and, if it is the case, expressing reservations, and then returned to the seller who retains it as a proof of the correct execution of the order.



3. Delivery fees.

The delivery may be carried out:


       > with freight collect : the costs of the transport of the goods are to be paid by the buyer upon their arrival.

       > with freight prepaid : the seller pays the costs to the carrier at the departure of the goods and may possibly invoice them back to the buyer.

      > carriage free delivery charges are paid by the seller.

      > free delivery : delivery costs are paid by the seller. The delivery of an on-site service may, as appropriate, be called “livraison franco” ou “livraison gratuite” (free delivery) to the place of the holiday home.

      > free of packaging charge : the seller bears the packaging costs, specifying sometimes a limit.

      > free of carriage and packaging charge : transport and packaging costs are borne by the seller.

      > charge-free departure or arrival place : the costs are borne by the seller up to the place specified and then by the buyer up to the place of destination.  

      > charge-free factory : the buyer bears all the costs of transport of the goods, which he can get at the factory or the warehouse of the seller.

     > charge-free wagon : the costs of transport from the factory or warehouse to the station of departure, as well as the costs of loading on the train, are borne by the seller.

The delivery and installation costs will be calculated according to the product and the catchment area of the alpissime sales partners. They may include the costs associated with the recycling during the transport in the waste disposal site.



4. Terms of delivery.

       > The partner vendor will set a deadlinefor delivery if the delivery is not immediate, taking care not to exceed this deadline

      > If the delivery deadline is exceeded by more than seven days the purchaser may cancel* the order unless the delivery or the service is carried out prior to the receipt of the buyer's mail

The partner vendor is committed:

As far as the products are concerned to respect the date stated on the delivery note. A delay of a few days cannot cause the cancellation of the contract.

With regards to the services, to provide them the day and/or hour desired according to the order or postponing them in agreement with the buyer.


In case of cancellation* the purchaser may

       > either be refund for the price of the product or service ordered

       > or receive a product or a service of quality and price equivalent to the one ordered


 5. Delivery delay.

7-day delay count

      > The day scheduled for delivery shall not be counted; Saturdays and Sundays shall be

counted unless they are the last day of the deadline, in which case the deadline shall be extended to the next working day.



6. Guarantee and conformity of delivery.

Alpissime and its partners are committed to always deliver products and services according to what ordered.



7. Advice from alpissime

      > Before signing the delivery note presented by the deliveryman, take the time to carefully examine the condition of the packages and check that the packages have not received any shocks; express any reservations if necessary.

     > Avoid signing the delivery note stating "subject to unpacking", as this indication has no legal value and is not sufficient to establish that the damage existed at the time of delivery.

     > If you are absent at the time of delivery, you can ask a person of your choice to receive the merchandise on your behalf, specifying to him the responsibilities taken at the signature of the delivery note.

    > By signing the delivery note without reservation, you implicitly acknowledge that the goods are suitable for you and that you are satisfied.

   > Depending on the nature of the products ordered, you may be supplied with several packages. If only part of your order has been delivered, make a reservation on the delivery note indicating which parts of your order have not been delivered.

   > After possible reservations stated on the delivery note, you can notify the carrier by registered letter within 3 days of the damages incurred during the transport. If you do not comply with this formality, the action against the carrier will be legally time-barred and it will no longer be possible to ask the carrier for a compensation for damage.